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ForestWander who hikes throughout the mountains and takes pictures to share with those who are nature and landscape enthusiasts. We have brought together all of our favorite creek photographs for your use as desktop backgrounds, or for use on your website, or other media. We only ask that you provide a link back to our site for using our creek pictures. You may use the creek photographs on postcards or calendars as long as you provide credit to All of our Creek Pictures are original photographs taken by our father and son team of hikers and photographers who enjoy the rugged outdoors and wilderness of the creeks throughout West Virginia.
The top Forest Creek Picture was taken at Babcock State Park In West Virginia. Babcock State Park is Where the Famous Grist Mill that you see in so many Calendars and Post Cards from West Virginia. It is a really nice place to visit. There are several hiking trails throughout the park as well as a nice fishing lake for those who like to fish. Glade Creek is by far one of the most beautiful creeks in West Virginia and is home to all types of trout. This Creek Picture was taken in early October when the leaves were in peak color. There are cabins and other nice attractions in the park that the whole family can enjoy.

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We have dozens of other pictures that are shared throughout our other sites. These pictures range from Wildlife Photography to Waterfall Pictures and Mountain Views. However, this is not all; there are Skyline Pictures with some wonderful pictures of the night sky as well as the sunrise and sunset.  Photography Articles provides some good advice regarding Photography and Photography Definitions helps you learn the photo lingo. Also a Free NewsLetter which offers a free 8 MP High Resolution image each issue is available for secure signup, (we never share you address with anyone). One of My favorite areas of subject is the section that has Old Barns, Churches and Old Homestead Houses. Living in West Virginia which is one of the most colorful states during the Fall / Autumn Season we would not be displaying West Virginia's beauty without a page that was dedicated to The Fall Colors in the Mountain Forests.


hills_creek_gorge.JPG (417992 bytes)
This is looking down the creek valley below the last waterfall at hills creek. The sun is about to set and the lighting is unique. A great wallpaper also.
elakala_fall_creek.JPG (373368 bytes)
Here is a really nice creek picture background from Elakala falls in West Virginia. This is one of my favorite places because of the beautiful scenery.
fallcreek1.JPG (244166 bytes)
Here we are at glade creek just above the old 1800's grist mill in Babcock state park. This is the best creek picture background I have ever taken.
HillsCreek4.jpg (289911 bytes)
Back at the falls of hills creek the sun is about to set and we are beginning our ascent back up the mountain to go home.
Fisher-Spring1.jpg (400092 bytes)
This is a little creek called fishers spring run. This is in the dolly sods wilderness area in West Virginia.
Fisher-Spring.jpg (420621 bytes)
Here we are at fishers spring run again. This is a really remote little creek that took about an hour to hike to.
redcreek3.JPG (421644 bytes)
Back at Red Creek again. There is a storm coming in the distance can you see it? I hope my camera doesn't get wet.
redcreek2.JPG (423197 bytes)
Well the storm just dropped a few sprinkles on us and then the sun is coming out. Just enough light to get a glistening picture of this little creek waterfall.
cranberryrun2.JPG (398079 bytes)
This is a little creek picture background from lost run in the cranberry wilderness area. I love these little runs like this. They are just spectacular.
cranberryrun1.JPG (423688 bytes)
Here we are at a the same little creek again in the cranberry wilderness area. I love the mountain laurel all around.
Cranberryriver4.JPG (398397 bytes)
This is a pictures of the cranberry river, river bank. I like the moss on the sides of the bank. What a great place to fish!
snowcreekwaterrocksweb.JPG (370349 bytes)
This is at Manilla creek one day after church. I held my camera down low to get this creek picture.
snowcreek3web.JPG (380329 bytes)
Manilla Creek again in Putnam county West Virginia. This is a nice little area to visit for being so close to population.
snowycreekweb.JPG (444548 bytes)
This is a place called eagle creek in the Monongahela forest. My son and I were here in 12 inches of snow and a snow storm. What a great day!
snowystream2web.JPG (369671 bytes)
Another background picture of eagle creek in the Monongahela forest. We are not far from Cranberry glades wilderness area.
foreststreamsnow5web.JPG (347316 bytes)
Here is a wallpaper picture of a little creek that is unknown but this creek runs into the cherry river in the Monongahela forest.
AUT_2234.JPG (1159539 bytes)
This is a great creek picture wallpaper from the experimental forest near otter creek wilderness. This was taken with my old camera so it was not as high of resolution.
snowcreekwater3web.JPG (392764 bytes)
This is Manilla Creek in Putnam county West Virginia. We took this photo one day after church and a big snow storm.
redcreek.JPG (416543 bytes)
Here we are at red creek near dolly sods wilderness area. This is bear country and a really great place to camp.
foreststreamweb.JPG (389334 bytes)
This is another one of my favorite creek pictures. My son and I were having a great time this day with all of the snow that had fallen.
Elakala-Creek.jpg (422141 bytes)
This is above the elakala falls at the blackwater falls state park. This beautiful creek is an outstanding place to visit.
Fall_Creek_Scene.JPG (438857 bytes)
In my opinion this was a really nice creek background photo also. It was just about evening time as week took this so the long exposure makes the water blurry.

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